Limited Liability Company


The LLC in Colorado gives business owners a flexible and easy to run business vehicle for operating a business.  In addition, this legal entity offers solid personal asset protection.

To take advantage of Colorado LLC laws and ensure proper protection under the law, you must be certain that you understand and follow the requirements set forth by Colorado LLC regulations.

Ongoing regulation, formation, and processing of Colorado LLC entities are handled by the Secretary of State, overseeing Colorado corporations. This agency is particularly strict in enforcing Colorado LLC regulations and requirements when forming an LLC.

The documents that are filed to form a CO LLC must include certain information about the new business to be conducted and formatting parameters must be adhered to.


One of the most important Colorado LLC requirements is making sure that the name you provide for the limited liability company name is available for use in the State of Colorado as a limited liability company name. Colorado has certain name related rules and restrictions that must be met.


A LLC in Colorado also needs to appoint and maintain a legitimate Colorado registered agent that has a permanent physical address in Colorado. The registered agent is the official person or entity that can accept legal papers and other important documents delivered to the Colorado limited liability company.


In the Colorado statutes, there is a list of required disclosures that must be strictly included in your formation documents.  Also, every filing must be accompanied by the required fee which is currently $50.

Make sure you meet all Colorado LLC requirements prior to submitting a filing with the Colorado Secretary of State. You do not want to face the delays and issues associated with a rejected filing.

You cannot forget that your liability protection is predicated on a complete and proper formation at the state level.  Even if something gets passed by the state, you do not want to later lose the protection when it is found that something was deficient.

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