Limited Liability Company


If you are planning on starting a business in Georgia, you should evaluate the LLC Georgia for operating as it is an easy to maintain business vehicle which offers many benefits.

Avoiding a mistake during the formation process can save unnecessary delays and stress to fix the errors with the state. Your Georgia limited liability company is not formed until a properly prepared filing is submitted and the state has accepted and processed the filing to completion.

A representative of the state will review your application for completeness and to make sure that all the necessary information has been included.

It is really important that you do not indulge in business activity until formation is completed properly. This is because if for some reason your LLC Georgia formation filing is deficient or contain errors, your pre-formation business activity will not be covered by the liability protection of a Georgia limited liability company.


The first mistake made is a simple but common one. Many pay the wrong fee or write the check out to the wrong state agency. This can be fixed by just following the requirements in the Georgia regulations. Make sure you review the latest set of rules.


Ensure that the name you have chosen is acceptable. The laws of limited liability corporations in Georgia are such that a new name must be different or sufficiently different from all others names being used by other registered Georgian legal entities.

And, your LLC name must contain an official designation as part of the official name and these are set forth in the Georgia Limited Liability Company Act. Always confirm name availability prior to submitting a filing. A good formation services company will do this as part of their services.


Georgia laws, regulations and form instructions all impose specific requirements that must be met when preparing and submitting a formation filing. Matters including document formatting, address requirements and registered agent information must be included and meet these rules.

Appointing a qualified registered agent and registered office is a must as failing to meet these rules can lead to loss of status of the Georgia LLC. When a Georgia limited liability company loses its status, there is risk of liability and other potentially costly consequences.


Taking care to avoid these mistakes and properly complete your Georgia LLC application will result in a smoother filing process.

One great way to avoid the time, stress and uncertainty of forming a Georgia LLC is to use a reputable document formation company.

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