Limited Liability Company


The Virginia Limited Liability Company Gives Liability Protection

If you want to start a Virginia business, you are well on your path to financial freedom and an exciting adventure.  But you must realize that this path is full of potential for risks and liability.  Accordingly, you should create a personal liability protection vehicle to protect you when running a business.  The best choice is the Virginia limited liability company.


Virginia is one of the best states for business ownership because Virginia government has focused on the need to encourage business growth in the state.  As a result, there are a lot of incentives and protections available.  The Virginia Limited Liability Company Act is designed to provide a small business owner with protection and other helpful features.


By using an LLC in Virginia, you are not automatically liable personally for the debts, lawsuits and other liability of your business.  The law creates a layer of protection for you.  This is so important today when small business lawsuits are such an epidemic.  The Virginia laws also made it very affordable to get this protection.  Filing fees are minimal to create a Virginia LLC with the state.


The Virginia LLC  laws also do not impose complex and onerous compliance requirements upon the owners or the LLC business.  While corporations have more requirements which are needed to larger and more complicated enterprises, these safeguards are just not necessary for the typical Virginia small business.


So, business owners do not have to worry about spending time or money on meeting legal compliance requirements.  This allows them to spend their time on building their businesses and reaching customers. The Virginia LLC laws intentionally make it easy and flexible for a Virginia business to be run through one.  There is no mandated one size fits all structure when it comes to determining ownership details or operational processes.  Each business can decide on these details themselves based on their business situation.

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Even the Internal Revenue Service understands the need to encourage small business creation by ensuring that the limited liability company has some tax benefits as well.  A Virginia limited liability company only is required to pay tax once on profits.  This is known as a single layer of taxation which saves taxes compared to the double taxation structure of a C corporation.


These benefits discussed are just a few examples of the power of the Virginia limited liability company for a small business owner.  When you are in the process of starting a Virginia business, choosing the right legal entity should be your initial step as it sets the foundation for everything required to be successful.

Securing liability protection starts off with the proper and complete organization of Virginia Limited Liability Company. Insist upon using only a reputable and guaranteed Virginia LLC organization service: